As Tumay Seafood and its affiliated companies, we consider the compliance of our suppliers which we consider as our important business partners, with internationally accepted environmental, social and ethical standards.

When choosing our suppliers, we ensure their compliance with the Tumay Supply Principles (Principles) (BURAYA KÖPRÜ GELECEK) prepared with all applicable national laws and regulations, especially the International Labor Organization (ILO), United Nations (UN) Conventions and the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI). We are committed to inform, and raise awareness in order to ensure that our suppliers comply with the Principles. At the same time, we expect from our suppliers to transparently share documents demonstrating compliance with the principles when necessary.

Tumay Supply Principles covers the purchasing operations of all Tumay Seafood and its affiliated companies and includes the basic code of conduct expected from our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to communicate and implement the Principles to their own suppliers.