Fresh Fillet Sea Bass

Dicentrarchus Labrax


It is also known as the sea dace. Highly regarded as a table fish, it is often marketed as Mediterranean seabass, loup de mer, robalo, lubina, spigola, branzino, or bronzino.
The Seabass is a member of the Moronidae family. The name Dicentrarchus derives from the presence of two anal spines (“di” = two, “kentron” = sting, “archos” = behind, anus), although there may be even three. It has silver sides and a white belly. This fish’s operculum is serrated and spined.



It is graded to depending on customers need
  • 50-75g
  • 75-100g
  • 80-100g
  • 90-110g
  • 100-140g
  • 140-180g
  • 180-220g



Raw material is supplied by farms (located Aegean and Mediterranean Sea) that are approved and certified by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs


10 kg or 6 kg net fish

Regarding to the customers need packing can vary to 10 kg or 6 kg net fish in styropor boxes. Boxes should be clean and should be filled with enough ICE. Each Boxes should be labeled.



Fresh goods kept under 0/+4° C temperature can be stored intact 14 days. Frozen goods kept under -18 ° C temperature can be stored intact 18 months.

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    We have an unique advantage in terms of quality. The most important point for fresh fish quality is the time after harvest to packing. Our packing plant is in the center of all our farms and only 13 Km away from each of them. This enables us to have freshly harvested fish to be in our packing plant in 30 min. 

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    Food Safety

    All stages of our production is tracked by our quality department and all analyses are performed by third part ministry controlled laboratories to ensure the best quality for our customers

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    Our fish is %100 traceable from the juveniles to packed fish. We are able to trace all levels of production till the final destination.

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    Tumay follows a continuously improving quality managements that is powered with several certificates which are GLOBAL GAP (GGN: 4056186314000), IFS (C 0260227) and BRC (C 0260227).Our management system cares about the environmental, occupational health and safety.

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